For Patients

When it comes to picking the right dentist, we know how challenging it can be. Few patients have the time to invest in educating themselves with the multitude of options available to them, in addition to the best course of action for their specific situation and goals. Fewer still have visited the actual lab where their new smile will be designed and brought to life.

For over 33 years, we at Vital Aesthetics Dental Laboratory have researched, investigated, and perfected proprietary techniques on working with the best and newest materials in our industry for the ultimate satisfaction of our clients.

Putting our philosophy into practice, we have decided to work with a limited number of dentists, who share in our commitment to provide the highest quality of cosmetic dentistry available.

We strongly believe in close communication between the patient, doctor, and dental laboratory. It is the key factor in determining your smile’s outcome!

Please stop by for a free consultation. We specifically cater our approach and choice of material to our clients, and will put you in contact with the most reputable aesthetic dentists in NYC who best suit your needs.

Get ready for the best smile of your life!

Best regards,
George Tacorian